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It's finally here! The Outdoor Insect Repellent you need to have this summer.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Northern Belle Holistic'sAu Natural line continues to stay focused on our "clean ingredient" commitment. This powerful, yet all natural bug spray, really keeps the mosquitoes away. Ya, we're just as happy about it as you will be.

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I forgot it was even mosquito season!

You know how you know when your bug spray is bad? When you have to reapply it so often. Now don't get me wrong, we're here in Maine, so I do apply liberally, but after a good 20 minutes into my morning walk (we're talking damp ground, shoes get wet, that sweet morning dew kind of walk), I realized I wasn't swatting away mosquitoes, nor was I afraid to stop every time Stark (my dog) wanted to. I love letting my dog linger however long he wants, as long as I'm not getting eaten alive...and guess what? I wasn't!

Read on to find out more about where we took Belle's Bug Buster and how we put it to the test. From the woods and bogs to the coast and swamps...we teased all the mosquitoes.

How we tested and Where.

Where better for a variety of ecosystems than the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens for some outdoor insect repellent product testing. Boothbay Harbor, Maine did not disappoint. From a bog to a foggy ocean shore, then deep into the woodsy side of Brook Trail to see how we'd do against the mosquitoes buzzing about.

I am outside with my dog 365 days a year; rain, snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain or sunshine. So, honestly, if you want to know if your outdoor product works, toss it to me. That's what the owners of Northern Belle did. They provided me with the freshest small-batch of their newest product for me to see how it stacked up to the competition. I dragged a friend or two along on various trips to test the product and here's what we found.

Test 1: Our first application was in my car in the parking lot. The end of May is vicious for mosquitoes. The breeze was just light enough, and came and went so that we did in fact need repellent. After a pit stop at the restroom and a stroll through a bog, we arrived at a shuttle stop that brought us off to the rhododendron garden. It did not disappoint. I'm talking about Belle's Bug Buster (the rhodi's were great too!). So far so good. What a great spot to test out bug spray. It's wet here. A waterfall. A pond. We're talking prime mosquito breeding grounds and we're holding tough. No swatting, no itching.

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We continued on through the Fairy Forest, into the Meditation Garden, and took what felt like a natural pause. After that, we went deeper in. First down to the coast, which is where application #2 was required. The mosquitoes were starting to present themselves to us. After a nibble on some snacks and some rehydration, we continued along Brook Trail and back to the garden via Cleaver Lawn. In the over two-hour visit, we applied Belle's Bug Spray only twice. Compared to other's, it does seem to last longer than its competitors. I don't sweat as much as some, so sprays do tend to hold up better for me than for someone who sweats easily and/or a lot.

Test 2: Because my rescue is a special needs dog, we stay away from crowds and dog parks, so testing Belle's Bug Buster was easy. Over the next two days, I tested the spray on early morning walks with my dog, where right now, the mosquitoes are ripe. Early risers know exactly what I'm talking about. I will add that this time of year is just fierce for bugs in Maine in general. I also tested the spray in a cemetery and on another oceanside trail in Brunswick, which I will actually share here. I never share my sweet spots, so enjoy ;)

Test 3: My final day of testing was a good one. I was out on a landscaping gig with a couple of friends, whom I reeled in for some product testing. The three of us were out in Georgetown at 8 AM, about to plant some trees and let me tell you, the mosquitoes were there to join.

Spray bottle in images below was a small batch for product testing. Final design and name are different.

You’ll smell the wonderful mix of lavender and citrus upon application, and you’ll like it already. That is not always the case with #outdoorinsectrepellent. No strong odor here. In fact, the opposite. A refreshing scent instead!

When I asked my fellow friend Aaron, who tested Belle's Bug Buster with me, for feedback, his response was,

"I'm not getting bit! So that's good!" -Aaron

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Pros and Cons

  • Does not leave a sticky residue on your skin or hands.

  • No burning sensation.

  • Did not make me sneeze when applying.

  • Dog friendly.

  • No overpowering smell.

  • Refreshing yet subtle scent.

The one thing I was not able to test was how long it held up in the heat when sweating. Over the four days that I tested the product, the temperatures never reached 70 degrees. I did perspire because it was humid, but it was know what I mean? Humid, but cool, not hot.

I've tried to make this on my own before and was not as successful. There really is a special sauce to finding the right blend of essential oils to do the trick. So, I highly suggest you just buy Belle's Bug Buster, as it does the trick! If you're shopping around for this summer's outdoor insect repellent, look no further. Come on by or call the shop and we'll ship you some (small additional fee for S&H).

The Final Score

How many bottles of outdoor insect repellent do you own? I bet you easily have two bottles, from two different brands. It's because you can never find a #reliable one you like. I've been in the same situation for years. My fingers are crossed that this year, for all my hikes and daily expeditions, that Belle's Bug Buster is all I need. Until I can test this baby in the heat, I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 stars, and two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Please share your own action shots with us on Northern Belle Holistic's Instagram or FaceBook and be sure to tag us @northernbelleholistic.

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