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Our 7 Favorite CBD Products and Why.

Updated: May 19, 2022

CBD is all the buzz and yet, how does it work, what does it help, and how do you take it...are common questions still surrounding this ever so popular commodity. Because CBD is more than just a product, like THC, you can put it in pretty much anything and use it to treat pretty much everything. We break down 8 of our favorite in-house CBD products and why we like them.

Northern Belle Holistic CBD Salve


Apothecary is in the core of Northern Belle Holistic, going back generations of using and offering plant medicine to the community. THC is just one of many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. It is these naturally occurring compounds, aka "cannabinoids", that provide the effects we seek: relaxation, pain relief, etc. CBD is simply another component in the marijuana plant that also has medicinal qualities.

Because we are a medicinal dispensary, people forget that we offer other products that don't get you high and can, in fact, for many, work better than your normal THC alternative. Let's dive in.

Northern Belle Holistic's CBD Salve & CBD Roll-On

It melts onto your skin like butter. Great for any dry skin or minor topical irritations, but even better for arthritic aches and pains. This CBD Salve soothes the aches of knees broken from surgeries and wrists crushed by carpal tunnel. Rub some on the soles of your feet, lay back, and let the salve seep into you, providing a gentle softening of the body from the inside out.

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This salve is, honestly, our best-kept secret. It’s not too oily and doesn't leave a tingling or burning sensation. Clean smell, no fragrance! For a small yet powerful punch, our CBD Roll-on is great

on the go and fits right in your pocket. Use on your wrists, behind your ears...glide across any aching spot for quick on-the-spot relief.

Upta Camp Edible Co.'s CBD Honey

When it comes to edibles, honey is as natural and ingestible an ingredient as you can get. Many people suffering from chronic inflammation typically tend to stay away from processed foods and products, which can be laden with hard-to-pronounce ingredients, only adding to their discomfort. Finding edibles that do not have unnecessary natural flavors and sugars proves difficult.


When we stumbled upon this gem, we had to try it out. We find ingesting CBD Honey to offer a more full-body experience that provides relaxation, eases anxiety, brings hope, and uplifts spirit (not energy, you don't get racey, you simply feel more at peace). Put a spoonful in your tea, spread it on some toast, or drop a dollop in your smoothie! Enjoy this one any way you can!

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Smokiez CBD Fruit Chews

The ultimate grab and go! For the kid in each of us! Remember when gummy vitamins came out? This is just like that but for us big kids! Many adults have a sweet tooth, so this definitely soothes that craving. But even better, these are VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE! Another reason why these make the list...they are the cleanest edibles we have ever seen. Coming in at 10mg per fruit chew, they are easy to dose as needed. Like other edibles, we experienced relaxation of the muscles in the body and relief from minor anxiety. For more information on proper dosage, of CBD Fruit Chews.

Northern Belle Holistic's CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

For those who need a little bit more. For those resilient bodies. We absolutely love CBD in as close to its raw form as possible. For chronic pain and even PTSD, we have found that a regular regiment of internally taking CBD via capsule or oil can help over time. Take it like a vitamin. Add it to your daily routine to start feeling better in your body. Our staff has experienced knee surgeries, wrist surgeries, anxiety, and other discomforts and we all have reached for this at one time or another. We lean towards the oil for higher dosing and we love it in our morning smoothie! But don't just believe us! Check out this cool article about how you can ease your way into using CBD, particularly those aging or those new to CBD!

Green Gruff Plus CBD Dog Supplements

We can't leave out our four-legged canine fur babies! The Green Gruff supplements contain organic, premium-quality ingredients that dogs love. With no fillers or unnecessary additives, these highly-nutritious chews contain all-natural, essential ingredients dogs need every day. Green Gruff Plus (with CBD) is the perfect way to introduce a daily CBD supplement into your dog's healthy routine. The Green Gruff Plus line takes care of your dog in thunderstorms (Relax formula), calms itchy skin (Soothe formula), and even provides joint and hip relief with their Ease formula.

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We strive to offer something for everybody at Northern Belle Holistic. Our diverse suite of CBD products allows us to do that. It is one of the safest and most non-addictive forms of holistic medicine out there. See all of what we have to offer by visiting our online shop here.

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