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5 Ingredients to Boost your Immunity in One Plant-Based Product

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Tired of looking for something gentle on your skin, not irritating to inhale, and non-toxic that can also help boost your immunity? We've got this 100% plant-based roll-on that we think you'll like and it'll boost your immunity too.

Northern Belle Holistic Immunity+Booster Roll-on

Our Au Natural line is really the essence of who we are at Northern Belle Holistic. It is why we became an approved medical marijuana dispensary: we believe in the medicinal and healing qualities of plants; plant power.

Over a decade ago a couple of friends had turned me on to 100% Therapeutic Essential Oils and their amazing benefits of nature. They suggested I research and see what type of holistic approach would be best for treating my aliments. I've always dealt with allergies; eyes, skin, and nasal issues. Once I realized how easy and effective natural holistic approaches are, it made me want to share this with not just my family or friends, but my neighbors, my community, EVERYONE!

One thing as humans we all have in common is the need to boost our immunity and to boost it regularly and often. Now more than ever. But how? With all the gimmicks and trends out there how can our small shop compete? We compete by keeping our products simple, safe, and effective.

Our use of a roll-on versus a capsule or lotion is for ease of application and to carry discreetly. You don't have to worry about greasy or oily fingers, this roll-on applicator does all the work for you. Also, our Immunity+Booster Roll-On is 100% plant-powered. If you're looking for a healthy, non-addictive way to boost your immunity, look no further!

How 5 Plant-Based Ingredients Can Keep You Healthy!

1: Purify the Body - Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon has been used to treat a wide range of medical conditions for centuries, stemming back to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The lemon essential oil has anti-bacterial properties, is known for its anti-cancer properties, anti-stress effects, and has the ability to combat conditions such as the common cold, candida, infections, respiratory conditions, and sore throats. Lemon oil helps the body get rid of toxins that could lead to illness.

Key Benefits: helps purify the body, aids in cough suppression, fights cancer, promotes weight loss, helps clear mucus and phlegm, supports fat digestion, lessens allergy symptoms