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The way Mother Nature intended.

Northern Belle Au Naturals started from my home. At first it started with homemade recipes for family stocking stuffers. When my friends and family started to flatter me with complements of how much they were enjoying my organic and all-natural products. I figured I might be on to something good for my loved ones. I really never intended to start a business with my new healthy hobby. Friends would order gift baskets for teachers or hire me to make my organic and all-natural products for favors for parties and weddings. The support has been amazing and a little confusing to navigate through the odd Federal and State business laws and permits.

A couple of friends had turned me on to 100% Therapeutic Essential Oils and the healing benefits of nature. They suggested I research and see what types of holistic approach would be best for treating me and my aliments. I've always had allergies; eyes, skin, and nasal issues. I was constantly pumping allergy prescriptions or slathering the latest body lotions on to me, they only temporarily masked my underlying issues while polluting my system. Once I realized how easy and effective natural holistic approaches are, it made me questions our society that markets chemicals and addictive prescriptions to us claiming healing properties.

I had recently educated myself on the perils of using chemicals in our daily lives. As a Mom, I am acutely aware of the chemicals that can cause cancer, skin irritants and a large variety of hormone disruptors. Exposures to even small amounts of some chemicals can increase vulnerability to later life adverse health effects and disease. Scary stuff. I do my best to never judge or be pushy about my passion for change to others. It's hard to stay completely quiet when so much in the cosmetic industry needs to change. You can't erase the facts. I don't want to to bring on any harm or wrong-doing to my family because was the latest fad, smelled good, or was on sale. I'm the one shopping and providing products that were claiming to clean them, their living spaces, and that the air that they breathed in everyday. 

I'm not trying to have everyone go on a binge in their bathroom/under the kitchen sinks and clean out everything that has been been there a while or has the most harmful chemicals in it......I'm not going to stop you either.

The only question I ever had to ask myself is, "What am I bathing my son in to get 'clean'?" It was over for me there. The research had me at hormone and DNA disruptions, to only list a few....plus, CANCER! All so he could smell good and be squeaky clean?! No Ma'am!

There are more than 1,500 harmful and toxic chemicals that are in products today. This includes the over 1,400 chemicals banned or restricted in Europe or put by the governments of Europe. The amount of chemicals banned in the U.S. in the cosmetic industry is 30. Where are the others? They are on or in you and your family. The U.S. has not changed their laws in this industry since 1938. It's time for change.

Please educate yourself to the harmful chemicals, their toxicity levels and the damage it can do to your body. We need to change the way we think.

It starts with you.  #KNOWbetterDObetter